How We Got Poppin

Welcome to the Pop Culture Experience. Pop Culture popcorn is a family owned business that combined two passions and transformed them into a creative business experience. Pop Culture popcorn creatively combines gourmet popcorn and pop culture into a product that reflects the best of both worlds. Pop Culture is an avenue to allow our family to use our collective experience, talents and passions to bring you a quality product that is fun and unique.

Why Pop Culture?

Pop Culture takes popcorn to a whole new level! We use only the finest ingredients to create a fresh product with a unique twist that you are guaranteed to love.  Absolutely nothing goes better with your favorite movie or your favorite song, than Pop Culture Gourmet Popcorn! If you like buffalo wings with ranch, then you will love the flavor we call “Kanye Western”.  If you  love cheddar and caramel popcorn, then you will love the twist we put on that flavor combination and call the “Chicago Billionaire Mix”. There are over 30 funky fresh flavors popped in our store that we invite you  to try. We make popcorn more than a snack, it’s an experience!

Featuring 30 Flavors!

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Are you Ready for the Pop Culture experience?

Pop into our downtown Norfolk, VA store or order right here online and embark upon a fantastic journey that will excite your taste buds and trigger a favorite pop culture memory.

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